40 Birth Affirmations to Help You Have an Incredible Birth!

40 Birth Affirmations to Help You Have an Incredible Birth!

Before I became a mother, I was surrounded by new moms. I would listen as they would tell each other their birth stories and compare experiences. It didn’t take me long to hear a huge difference in the attitudes that were getting thrown around. The majority of the voices that I heard were super negative. They felt like they had no control, like they were just doing what everyone else told them to do, or had no idea what was going on. Others focused so much on the pain that I was sure that I would never have any kids…or if I did, they were going to knock me right out so I couldn’t feel, see or hear a thing!

There was one amazing woman that I listened to during one of these “my birth is way worse than your birth” discussions. Everyone was talking about how uncomfortable they were when they had their babies…what positions they were told to get into and what they were told they could or could not eat. This awesome woman (who was very outnumbered in her attitude) said, “I didn’t listen to them and got up on my hands and knees on the table, yelled like a wild woman and they dealt with it.” Everyone gave her a chuckle, and went on about something else.

Needless to say, I was intrigued. I talked to her later and asked her more about it. She was so open, confident and it was such a breath of fresh air! We became friends and during one conversation where we were talking about gymnastics, and how I used to get “rips” on my hands after a lot of bar work (Google it, if you don’t know what I am talking about…or don’t…ouch!), she said, “ wow, you could totally have a natural birth!” By natural, she meant unmedicated, but before this, I had never thought about it. All of the language about birth that surrounded me was about pain, discomfort, emergency or fear.

This truly lead me to do so so so much research about birth options, discovering what I wanted my births to look like, and what I want to talk about today… positive language. Part of positive language during birth includes a lot of positive affirmations. There is a whole world of positive affirmations, and they are endless!

Stuart Smolley from SNL, anyone?? This was probably my first introduction to positive affirmations when I was growing up (yes, I was raised right!) Sure, it’s a comedy bit, but positive affirmations and the language that we use toward ourselves makes such a difference!

Imagine, during your entire pregnancy, if people just told you how scary things were and how many things could go wrong, and what crazy thing happened to a cousin of someone they worked with one time…Wait! That is what is happening to so many mamas right now. I was told these stories and I am sure you were too.

Now, do these stories need to be told? Yes. Do other mamas need to vent out their frustrations and fears of their births? Yes. Should we be doing that to people that are vulnerable and don’t need any of that negative energy? NO!

During my last pregnancy, I struggled with a lot of things, and I used positive affirmations as a way to deal with my fears, hesitations and the chaos that i was feeling. I gathered a notebook, and wrote down all of the positive messages that I could think of. After that, I got some paper, some of my favorite hand lettering pens and markers and started writing. I wasn’t trying to make Instagram worthy hand lettering images…just reminders of what I needed to hear and words of power!

During labor, my two sweet kiddos took some of those papers and taped them around the room that I was laboring in. Not only was I able to look around and see positive words and encouraging phrases, but those who were with me were able to see them and see the type of language that I needed to hear. My husband even mentioned after ward that he loved seeing them because he would whisper some of those phrases in my ear when things were getting real!

Now, this might not work for everyone, obviously…nothing is a catch-all. But, I would encourage you to try using some of these words during your next labor, or whenever you need an extra cheerleader. Just grab some post-its and cover your mirror with self-affirming words. Keep telling yourself you’re a rockstar-gorgeous-boss who doesn’t take crap from anyone!

Here is a list of a few affirmations to get yourself going!

  1. I love my baby
  2. I am not afraid
  3. My body opens as my heart opens
  4. I trust the process
  5. I am surrounded by love and support
  6. We are healthy
  7. Watch me!!
  8. I am brave
  9. My body has been perfectly designed for this
  10. Game on!
  11. My heart opens
  12. Each wave brings my baby closer to the shore
  13. Soften
  14. I am love
  15. I put all fear aside so I can prepare to meet my baby
  16. There is harmony within my body
  17. Breathe
  18. So close to snuggles
  19. My Body is not a lemon – Ina May Gaskin
  20. I love my babies
  21. My body knows what to do
  22. We are safe
  23. I have grown this baby, I can birth him/her fearlessly
  24. This girl CAN!
  25. I have done this before
  26. I surrender to the power of my body
  27. No one can take away my strength
  28. I am grateful
  29. My baby knows how and when to be born
  30. I can do anything for a minute
  31. I got this
  32. Open
  33. I have everything I need to birth my baby
  34. I will meet my baby soon
  35. Pain is normal, pain is productive, I am powerful
  36. Breathing in, I feel strong. Breathing out, I let go
  37. I am built for this
  38. I am stronger than I know
  39. Countless women have done this before, I can feel their courage and strength.
  40. Breathe in, breathe out

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