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Have you struggled to understand which pregnancy or postpartum advice to follow? Have you heard horror stories about these times and do you feel as if there is something more that you can do to have a positive experience yourself? Come along with me in my journey to create a healthy happy life!

Doula Services

Feel educated and supported as you go through your pregnancy, labor and beyond

Fitness Classes

Prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, pre and postnatal fitness classes, Zumba

Online Courses

Online Prenatal Yoga membership, Core Revival, Healthy Pregnancy

"From start to finish, Jaime truly was instrumental in helping create a beautiful birth experience for us. From the beginning, she gave us extremely useful and helpful tips in dealing with physical and emotional demands of pregnancy, all while making sure that we felt pure support for our thoughts on how we wanted to proceed with the birth and labor. With this pregnancy being our first, and also extremely demanding both emotionally and physically, someone to simply listen and understand, while offering common sense ideas to help us out was a heaven-send; this is exactly what she was."
First Time Mom
"Jaime stood by me like a best friend through my first birth. I remember her encouraging words through out my labor. I invited Jaime to be a part of my birth experience because of her upbeat and loving personality. No matter what problem I would face or what decision I made Jaime would receive it with open arms, never judging me because my views and ideals differ from her own."
Mom of 2
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